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Industrial Aluminum Profiles Are Briefly Described Under The Classification And Use

Jul. 22, 2019

Here is Aluminum Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer talking about Industrial aluminum profiles are briefly described under the classification and use. 

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Aluminum Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer

1. 6063, 6063A, 6463A, 6060 industrial aluminum alloy profiles. In addition to being widely used as building doors and windows and curtain wall structures and decorative materials, it is also widely used as interior furniture, toilets, radiators, lift handrail profiles and general industrial pipes and bars.

2. 6061, 6068 aluminum alloy industrial aluminum profiles. Mainly used as a refrigerator, container floor, truck frame parts, ship superstructure parts, rail vehicle structural parts, large truck structure, and other mechanical structural parts.

3. 6106 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Widely used in a variety of tubes, wires, and rods that require corrosion resistance.

4. 6106, 6101B aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Dedicated to the production of high-strength electric busbars, a variety of electrical conductor materials.

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